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The page below is outdated... it's left here as a service to my former students several of whom have asked me to leave this page in place. --- GJK
These days, my ranting is on Facebook and YouTube

Gerald's CIS Classes

INSTRUCTOR:  Gerald Klaas, CISSP, PMP (my personal page) Diatribe on 16th Amendment
Voice-mail: my blog

CISC324 - Intermediate Unix:  Second Session - Summer 2007
Ethan Way Center - July 09 - Aug 02

Course Syllabus
Pseudocode definition (Wikipedia)
Good Coding Practices (SHELLdorado)
WWW Security FAQ (W3C)
Home on Power Server

CISC306 - Intro to Web Page Creation

Course Syllabus
Tentative Schedule
Bookmarks File
Image map example
ISMAP map example
W3C code validator
ZDnet Load Check
form example

CISW300 - Web Publishing: - Fall 2003

Course Syllabus
Tentative Schedule
Current Grades
frames example
frames maze
Subscribe to the mailing list CIS22 - Web Publishing (G. Klaas)
NOTE about using Windows native telnet to connect to webcity
CIS server at ARC
Using telnet (Gerald's own tutorial)
Using FTP for DOS (Gerald's own tutorial)
Using WS_FTP Lite Edition for Win95 (Gerald's own tutorial)
Using WinJpeg to convert images for web pages (Gerald's own tutorial)

Web Page Workshop:

Workshop Outline

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