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Guides and tutorials

Course Technology Textbook Tutorials (21A)
Course Technology online materials (21B)
Netscape HTML Page Templates
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML by Kevin Werbach
GAD's DNS and TCP/IP handouts
RGB color chart
browser width test pattern
ISO 8859-1 chart - character entities
ASCII chart
metatags crib sheet
Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial
Internet Engineering Task Force - Find RFC's here

Software that Gerald uses

base converter - (Freeware) - use to pick RGB color off an existing graphic.
GIF Construction Set - (Shareware) - (yes, I've registered) - makes transparent and animated GIFs
ImageForge - (Freeware from Cursor Arts) - Paintbrush type program supports multiple formats (but not GIF - because of Unysis Corp. belated copyright claims) - BTW: I will never buy another Unysis product.
EditPad - (Freeware/Postcardware) - Gerald's favorite text editor
WS_FTP LE - (Free for students) - FTP client (Win95) - ws_ftple.exe
Arachnophilia - (Care-ware) - HTML editor
Other FREE software - HTML editors, tools

Software Gerald uses in class
(because it runs on a floppy)

WinJpeg - (Shareware) - Image viewer/converter (Win3.x) - winjp16.exe
GlobalChat - (Freeware) - IRC client by Quarterdeck (Win3.x) - gc0101.exe
WS_FTP - (Shareware) - FTP client (Win3.x) - ws_ftp16.exe

Security Stuff

Shields Up! - Test your PC for open ports
pcPitStop - FREE Online Virus Scanner - (requires use of Internet Explorer browser)
ZoneAlarm - FREE - personal firewall
smartin-designs - use your hosts file to get rid of web page ads
Security Related Links
Privacy Tools
Datafellows - Check out the virus information library
htpasswd - Web gateway for building Apache password files
Java-based SSH client - Runs in IE or Netscape
Finjan Software - Active content test suite

Other Goodies

W3C code validator
C|NET web building (javascript, validators)
some public domain artwork
Totally free web stuff
Javascript snippets
a transparent gif
browser font test page
search engine submission
An explanation to why Gerald hates Microsoft

Books Gerald Recommends

Unix Power Tools Jerry D. Peek, et al

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