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February/March 1998

02-01-98: Met Gene Frazier and did some canvassing in the College Oak area. I now have 151 signatures!! I'll still need to collect more to replace any that are invalidated, but I'm ready to turn them in on Wednesday.

02-04-98: Turned in 155 signatures at the Registrar of Voters office at noon today. In line before me was one of my opponents. I didn't introduce myself. After filing, I joined Gene Frazier (candidate for Assembly District 5), Joe Farina (candidate for Attorney General), Steve Kubby (candidate for Governor), Steve's wife, Michele, and vice-chair of the local libertarian party, Adam Chacksfield, for lunch. I had a great time discussing libertarian solutions to the issues that really matter today, especially education and public safety. Then I had to go back to work.

02-07-98: Received a letter from the Registrar of Voters today saying that 9 of the 154 signatures I turned in were invalidated. That's great! That gives me until March 6 to replace 5 signatures and make the 150 count.

02-09-98: Turned in 11 signatures to supplement the 145 validated ones and reach the 150 count. While I was there, I filled in the Intention of Candidacy form to pick out my ballot designation. I will be officially identified as a "Computer Analyst / Instructor". Still waiting to hear back from the Secretary of State's Office with a Campaign ID #. I can't open a bank account without the number, and I can't spend any money except from the bank account, so I can't order bumper stickers until that all comes through. Received notice of some Fair Political Practices Commission workshops on filing the various forms related to campaign finance regulations. I certainly want to make sure I'm staying legal, so I plan to attend one of the sessions. More red tape.

02-13-98: It's been two weeks since I mailed my form 410 to the Secretary of State's office to establish a committee and receive a Campaign ID #, but over the phone they told me they can't find it, so this afternoon I went to the office in person, filled out the form, and waited while they processed it. Took my Campaign ID # straight to the bank and opened up a campaign account.

02-14-98: Mailed my Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interests) and copy of form 410 (Intenet to form Committee) to the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters office.

02-16-98: Wrote my first two checks on the campaign account. One for bumper stickers the other for yard signs. Both items are supposed to have a three week production time. I should expect delivery first week of March. I did quite a bit of shopping around, and felt like a got a good deal. I ordered the bumper stickers from Freely Creative, Inc. and the yard signs from Tony Doom Supply Company.

02-17-98: Made reservations for the campaign finance workshop given by the Fair Political Practices Commission to be held on Feb 25th from 7 to 9 p.m.

02-22-98: Great article in The Sacramento Bee's Forum section today on the Drug War Follies. Touched on all the major points of how the War on Drugs makes our streets less safe, and costs us too much in court, enforcement and incarceration expenses. I also had a letter to the editor published today, about what I think of the present income tax system.

02-25-98: Attended the Fair Political Practices Commission workshop on how to fill out the various campaign finance forms. Two and a half hours of introduction to bureaucratic red tape. Ooooh boy!

02-26-98: Received three surveys from Political Action Committees (PACs) today. California Teachers Accociation, Californians for Tort Reform, and California Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL). Each of these surveys is about ten pages long, trying to get me to commit to supporting their "cause". It's very interesting to see the political game from this side of the fence, if not a bit scarey. These groups are serious players, they are ready to throw their influence and money for or against a candidate based on those survey answers. I get a good laugh as I fill these things out. As a third party candidate, I can't imagine getting support from PACs, they're far too pragmatic to throw their money at an underdog. But it's interesting to read between the lines of those surveys, and realize that this is how our system really works.

02-27-98: Bumper stickers are in! My order of bumper stickers arrived. They look pretty cool. I dropped some off with my brother, Ken, and my brother-in-law, Bob Schultz. Handed some others out to a few friends. I guess we'll soon see if there's much of a correlation between active voters and people with Internet WWW access.

02-28-98: Received a second campaign ID from the Secretary of State's office today. Apparently, the one I sent in January finally arrived, and they opened a new committee rather than notice that this one already exists. Since today is Saturday, I'll have to wait until Monday to call and get this mess staightened out.

03-02-98: Called the Secretary of State's office to explain that I was issued two campaign ID numbers, and I really only needed one. I was told that I would need to file a Form 416 to close out the one that I didn't want. Hmmm. That seems pretty strange to me, that I get saddled with more paperwork because they made a mistake, but isn't that how bureaucracy works? So I fill out a Form 416 with notation of the second campaign ID number. The form states that I'm closing the committee because I am no longer running for the office, so instead of signing the form, I write a little note in the signature block explaining that I can't sign this form because the above statements aren't true. I wonder what they'll do with the form when they see it's not signed? I sure hope they don't arrest me when I fail to file timely reports on this second campaign committee.

03-03-98: Called the election division of the Secretary of State's office to get a list of the qualified candidates for Senate District 6. I'm getting close to having spent $1000 on my campaign. When I hit that mark, I have to file an amended Form 410, and a supplemental Form 470. Not only do I file the supplemental Form 470 with the Secretary of State, but I also have to send a copy to each of the other qualified candidates for this office.

03-04-98: Spent my lunch hour contacting the offices/machines of the other six candidates, trying to put together a list of FAX numbers so I can notify them when I've reached that $1000 threshold. I actually got FAX numbers for three, and left messages with three.

03-06-98: Hit the $1000 mark! Granted, most of that is my own money, but I've now "received or spent" $1000 on my campaign. This now puts me under 48 hour legal notification requirements. I have to notify the Secretary of State, the County Registrar of Voters and the other six candidates for this same office, all within the next 48 hours. I still haven't received calls back from three candidates with their FAX numbers, so I call the Secretary of State's office to get their mailing addresses. If I can't FAX them, then I have to go spend 11 bucks a piece to send guaranteed overnight mail. This just seems so ridiculous to me, but I have to play by the rules.............   Sent the first three FAXes with no problem, but still can't reach the other three candidates. FAX Forms 410 amendment and Form 470 supplemental to both the Secretary of State and the County Registrar of Voters.

03-07-98: Still can't reach the other three candidates, so I've prepared envelopes to send by guaranteed overnight mail before the end of the 48-hour deadline. Amazingly, on a final round of phone calls before leaving for the post office, I reach all three! I send off the FAXes, and my notification requirements are done. An interesting side note, Mary Jane Popp said that she doesn't have time to campaign effectively, and will be dropping from the race.

03-09-98: Get a call from the Secretary of State's office regarding the dual campaign ID # issue. They promise to remove the extra committee.

03-12-98: Receive a survey from the League of Women Voters. In essay format there are three questions. They also want a 4 by 6 photo, I'm assuming black and white for newspaper. Whole thing is due back on the 24th. I guess I'd better get a black and white photo done....and quickly.

03-15-98: My friend, George, is an amateur photographer, so he came over to shoot a roll of black and white film. We expect there'll be at least one I can submit to the League of Women Voters, and possibly with future media kits.

03-16-98: Picked up the photos from the lab. There are two in the set that I like. Filled out the League of Women Voters survey.

03-18-98: Walked down to the League of Women Voters office during my lunch break to turn in my survey.

03-19-98: Sent out my first press release today. It's an announcement of candidacy.

03-20-98: Yard signs arrived! And they look pretty good. They're a poly-coated paperboard that is screen printed and then folded in half to be two-sided. The sides are then glued, and then it slides over a metal frame that looks like a giant croquet hoop. I already have several people waiting to put one in their yard, so guess I'll be delivering yard signs this weekend.

03-21-98: Filed Form 490, pre-election campaign finance disclosure. Original plus one copy to the Secretary of State, two copies to the Registrar of Voters.

03-22-98: Busy weekend. Delivered about 20 yard signs. Graded final exams for my first nine week classes, and replaced moulding in my hallway that I've been refinishing for the last few weeks. Also prepared for two classes that will be starting this week. Have started working on my "stump speech".

03-29-98: Have been invited to a candidate forum on May 2, 1998. This seems to be a question and answer period for the 6 candidates. I expect it will be more like a debate. It is being sponsored by the League of Women Voters and will be televised live on Sacramento Comcast Channel 14 at 1:30 PM. Apparently, I will have one minute for an introduction, and one minute for a closing statement. I don't know how I'll react to TV cameras, but this is the kind of exposure I need, so I'll do my best.

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