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December 1997/January 1998

12-26-97: Met Gene Frazier (assembly district 5), Joe Farina (attorney general), Art (congressional district 5) at the Registrar of Voters office to pick up nomination forms and petition in lieu of filing fee forms. Each of us will need 40 signatures of registered libertarians in our district to be "nominated". Each signature we turn is worth a certain dollar amount reduction in the filing fee. To completely waive the filing fee, I will need 150 signatures, Joe needs 150, and Gene needs 98.

01-01-98: New Year's Day. Gene, Joe and I spent the first day of the new year collecting signatures from registered libertarians in Folsom. It was an interesting experience. Most everyone was very receptive, and pleased to see libertarians running for office. It is, however, a long process, as libertarians are pretty well scattered, and we have trouble reaching people at home. After 4 hours, we have 8 signatures. Hey, 20% of the nomination!

01-03-98: Back to canvassing for signatures with Gene and Joe, this time in Fair Oaks. Words of support from several voters keep our adrenaline high. A few people are surprised to have candidates for Assembly, Senate and Attorney General show up at their door. We talk about views and concerns. The process helps me to appreciate citizen government. By the end of the day, we're up to 22 signatures.

01-06-98: Judge Karlton tosses out Prop. 208. I don't know yet how that will affect my campaign, it seems like all that reading I did last month on campaign finance regulations is now history.

01-07-98: Canvassed by myself near Arden Way in Carmichael. I visited 12 libertarian households, only caught one at home. He was inspirational. Made what would have been a dreary night into a success. 23 signatures.

01-08-97: Worked the downtown area with Joe Farina tonight. Did quite a bit of walking. After two and a half hours, we have 3 new signatures. Now I'm up to 26.

01-09-98: MAJOR PROBLEM: This afternoon I called the Registrar's office with an unrelated question and was told that I would be receiving a letter recalling the Nomination Papers, that there had been a miscommunication with the Secretary of State's office and that any signatures I have collected on those forms are void.
Will need to call the Secretary of State's office on Monday to confirm this interpretation. I sure hope it's not the case.

01-10-98: Gene and Joe are canvassing in Orangevale today. I'm canvassing in Carmichael. After 5 hours, I have 5 new signatures. Gene calls, they got 11 in Orangevale, he also has 6 he collected during the week in Antelope. Provided the signatures on the "Nomination Paper" forms are not invalidated, I am up to 48. A third of the way there!

01-11-98: I'm back to canvassing in the rain in Carmichael for a couple of hours. I met some terrific people. 3 new signatures.

01-12-98: Talked with Secretary of State's office this morning. Apparently the signatures on the Nomination Paper forms will be "rescinded". These two forms are identical except for the title and a small disclaimer on the back of the Nomination Paper form. Download the forms and see for yourself.
Petition form side 1
Petition form side 2
Nomination form side 1
Nomination form side 2

We are two weeks into a five week signature gathering period, I've spent over 25 hours working with lists, walking in the rain and knocking on a lot of doors. And now I'm told that my work is nullified because THEY made a mistake, and the TITLE of the page is wrong.
Don't you just love bureaucracy?

01-16-98: Received a certified letter from the County Registrar of Voters today asking that I mail back the "Nomination Papers" so they can be destroyed.

01-17-98: Working with Joe Farina in Folsom and Fair Oaks trying to recover the signatures that have been "rescinded". Not my best day; I get steamed every time I explain the situation. We recover about half of the signatures. Receive a 12 page letter from the Registrar explaining the rules for choosing my 3 word ballot designation. Apparently I will have to prove to them that I'm a computer programmer if I plan to have the ballot read "Gerald Klaas - computer programmer". Bureaucrats.

01-18-98: Gene, Joe and I work in the Marconi and Watt area. It's raining heavy. We get a bit wet, but it turns out to be one of our best days. Picked up 10 signatures in 4 hours. I now have 68 signatures on the "Petition in Lieu" forms. Enough for ballot access, but a way to go still to waive the filing fee.

01-20-98: Called the Registrar of Voters to ask how the overturn of Proposition 208 will affect me. I'm particularly interested in access to the sample ballot pamphlet. Under Proposition 208, I would be allowed to put a letter in the sample ballot pamphlet, but alas, since 208 has been overturned, they don't plan to grant that access anymore. Ouch. I had been counting on that letter in the sample ballot pamphlet. The registrar tells me that there is no way to get a letter in there. The explanation is that county candidates go in the County's sample ballot pamphlet and statewide candidates go in the State sample ballot pamphlet, but there is no provision for Senate and Assembly candidates. School started back in session. I teach 2 classes, both are Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

01-21-98: Back to canvassing in Citrus Heights with Gene after work. Only out for an hour, but got two more signatures. Creeping closer to the goal.

01-24-98: Talked to Libertarians in Rio Linda and Elverta today. It was a beautiful day. Nice break from the rain we've been seeing. 8 new signatures.

01-30-98: What a week! I sure am glad it's Friday. Since school is back in session, I'm teaching from 5 PM to 9:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday, after my normal day job. Monday and Wednesday evenings were prep time for classes. This evening was the first time I've had all week to work on my campaign. Did go out this evening in the downtown area. Met several nice people, and gained more signatures. Tallied up all my signatures when I got home. I'm up to 120! Looking good. Wednesday is the day to turn them in, so I'll be hitting the streets again this weekend looking for those last 30 libertarians.

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