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Forms, surveys and other paper-pushing

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Running for office has been an interesting experience so far. After muddling through the government regulations and filing the necessary forms to comply with campaign finance regulations, I started receiving candidate questionnaires from various political action committees (PACs). I found it quite interesting to read between the lines of these questionnaires. The way I looked at it, this wasn't their opportunity to study me, it was my opportunity to study them.

In the interest of public disclosure and for the research purposes of journalism and political science students, I am posting some of the paperwork I've dealt with during my campaign. If you don't know how to deal with PDF format files, then you should visit Adobe and download their Acrobat reader.

Government Forms

There is a confusing array of oversight with overlap of responsibility between the Secretary of State's office, the Fair Political Practices Commission and the county Registrar of Voters. Several of these forms must be filed with more than one agency.

Form 410 - Statement of Organization (112 K)
Amended Form 410 - after spending $1000 (112 K)
Form 470 - Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form (60 K)
Form 470 Supplemental - after spending $1000 (36 K)
Form 500 - Expenditure Ceiling Statement (41 K)
Form 501 - Candidate Intention (49 K)
Form 502 - Campaign Bank Account (52 K)
Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests (94 K)
Form 490 - Pre-Election Campaign Finance Report (329 K)

Candidate Surveys

California Teachers Association (323 K)
Planned Parenthood Advocates (196 K)
Service Employees International Union (525 K)
Association for Californian Tort Reform (419 K)
California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (233 K)
League of Women Voters - Candidate Survey (118 K)
California ProLife - Candidate Survey (467 K)
California League of Conservation Voters - Candidate Survey (233 K)
Friends of Light Rail - Breakfast Invitation (150 K)
Californians for Freedom to Work - Candidate Survey (96 K)
Gun Owners of California - Candidate Survey (181 K)
National Rifle Association - Candidate Survey (205 K)
People's Advocate, Inc. - Candidate Survey (110 K)

1st Pre-Election Statement -- Form 490

The following forms are public documents available at the Secretary of State's office. (1500 11th Street -- Room 495) The Form 490 is the statement commonly referred to as "campaign finance reporting". These statements contain information about who is giving money to a campaign, and where the campaign is spending that money.

(L) Gerald Klaas (329 K)
(D) Deborah Ortiz (1,916 K)
(D) Joan Barry (244 K)
(R) Richard Davis
(R) Mike McCollum (1,030 K)
(R) Chris Quackenbush (717 K)

2nd Pre-Election Statement -- Form 490

If you really want to know who a candidate is indebted to, here it is.

(L) Gerald Klaas ( K)
(D) Deborah Ortiz (1,688 K)
(D) Joan Barry ( K)
(R) Richard Davis ()
(R) Mike McCollum ( K)
(R) Chris Quackenbush ( K)

Late Contribution Reports

Via the Secretary of State.
Candidates are required to report contributions of $1000 or more within 24 hours when those contributions are received in the final days before an election.

(L) Gerald Klaas
(D) Deborah Ortiz
(D) Joan Barry
(R) Richard Davis
(R) Mike McCollum
(R) Chris Quackenbush

1st Pre-Election Statement -- General Election

These reports are in PDF format and cover from July 1, 1998 to September 30, 1998. These show where Ortiz's $1.2 million and Quackenbush's $900,000 come from, as well as my own $1400.

(L) Gerald Klaas (248 K)
(D) Deborah Ortiz pages 1-50 (2,368 K)
(D) Deborah Ortiz pages 51-103 (2,133 K)
(R) Chris Quackenbush (1,664 K)

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