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August/September 1998

09-06-98: The Sacramento Bee had a front page article today about the 6th Senate District race. 55 column inches, and they managed to avoid mentioning me. How's that for fair and unbiased reporting? Must be time to write a letter to the editor.

09-09-98: Attended a hearing of the Joint Public Safety Committee at the capitol today. It seems there is a legal requirement to hear arguments about propositions on the November ballot, and this was a hearing on Prop 6, the anti-horsemeat initiative. I was the only official opposition at the hearing. I explained how this would not save the life of a single horse because middlemen buyers would move the horses to Nevada then resell to the slaughter-houses. What it would do is use the coercive force of government to tell me what I can have on my dinner table! I was interviewed by KCRA-TV and KXJZ (NPR affiliate). Clips of both interviews were broadcast this evening.

09-22-98: Political Awareness Day at Sac City College. I attended along with Steve Kubby (governor candidate), Joe Farina (attorney general candidate), Gene Frazier (assembly 5 candidate). We registered 5 new Libertarians!

09-23-98: Gubernatorial debate held at CSUS Little Theatre. Several local Libertarians showed up to protest the exclusion of Steve Kubby from the debate.

09-25-98: Call from KCRA channel 3 this morning asking for comments about a mailer Deborah Ortiz sent to residents of Citrus Heights. It seems that the mayor of Citrus Heights wrote an endorsement letter, which she mailed out in envelopes that had the mayor's office as a return address, and the inside card used the seal of the City of Citrus Heights. Many residents were concerned that the city was endorsing a candidate, or that the city was paying for the mailing. Bill Hughes, the mayor, issued a public apology. I told KCRA that I would check with the FPPC about legality. I later found a section of Prop 208 that was overturned by the courts in January regarding mailers. The way I read it, if 208 was still in force, the mailer would have been illegal, but as is, seems to be deceptive, but not illegal. (Reminds me of "No controlling legal authority.") My comments were included in the 6:30 broadcast of Channel 3 news.

Noticed an announcement in today's Ticket section of The Bee about a senate district 6 candidate forum on October 8 at CSUS. I wonder why they didn't invite me? Public forum, public property, public funding, I'm a candidate for public office.....doesn't seem fair. I left a voice-mail, will have to reach them on Monday.

09-28-98: Attended Democracy Day at the capitol today. The event was sponsored by the Secretary of State's office. The political parties were invited to try to register voters. Gene Frazier and I handed out some literature.

Received a call from CSUS regarding the candidate forum on October 8. They maintain that they aren't doing anything wrong. I agree, there is nothing illegal, but there is an appearance of unfairness, and I intend to protest outside the University Union that day.

My letter to the editor was published today in the Sacramento Bee.

Read on FreeRepublic website that VP Al Gore is supposed to visit Sacramento tomorrow. I'll have to use some of my yard sign material to make something appropriate and go help "welcome" him.

09-29-98: I made a 24 x 30 inch sign for Al Gore's visit. One side says in big letters "Impeach Gore, too." then below that in smaller letters is "No, No, Kyoto", and then a little drawing of a yard sign in a lawn that says "Affluent Monks for Gore". On the other side it says " Reinventing the Constitution -- Al's Controlling Authority." I took some vacation time from work and stationed myself on the corner outside of the housing development he was visiting. I was maybe 4 or 5 feet away from the limo when they turned the corner. It felt good. A reporter from The Bee came up to me and I talked to him about the shoddy science of the Kyoto Accord, my disbelief of Al not knowing the Buddist temple was a fundraiser, 4th Amendment violations regarding the Clipper chip and encryption export controls hurting American business and my belief of Al's involvement in the Chinagate affair and the selling of government assets (Dept of Commerce) for campaign contributions.

09-30-98: The Bee had a front page article about Al Gore's capitol visit. I got a nice mention at the end.

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