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Why I'm running for Senate District 6

I am not a politician. In fact, this is the first time I've ever run for public office. I'm a computer analyst and college instructor who happens to have a deep interest in the way government protects our basic rights and freedoms. Although I'm a registered Libertarian, I'm not beholden to my political party, and I'm not even in complete agreement with the party platform. However, the Libertarian Party is the only party I know of that is trying to shrink the amount of government intrusion in our lives, thus preserving our personal liberty.

It frightens me that the two major political parties seem to have a solution for every problem, and it always involves more government intervention in our personal lives. Politicians talk about censorship of the Internet like there isn't a First Amendment. They try to skirt the Second Amendment so that criminals won't have weapons. (Just like the War on Drugs keeps crack off the streets, right?) They continue to pass laws as if it's going to make a difference to criminals that something is illegal. What we need is to simplify the laws we have, and enforce them. What politicians have created is a playground for lawyers, and disdain for law among decent citizens.

In a free country, people should be free to make choices affecting their own lives -- even stupid choices. Government shouldn't be trying to play mommy and daddy for everybody trying to keep people from messing up their own lives. Government should only intervene when a person infringes on the rights of another.

I firmly believe that the natural consequences of a person's actions will reward them for making the right choices and punish them for the wrong ones, and the worst thing for government to do is shield people from those natural consequences, or forbid them from making stupid choices that don't affect anybody else. If the government continues to make all stupid choices illegal while shielding people from the consequences of their actions, then we'll wind up with a nation full of citizens behaving like spoiled children.

Government is not a charitable organization. Paying taxes is more like being extorted than making charitable contributions. A government that uses its taxation power to finance what would otherwise be the role of charitable organizations is socialist. Personally, I believe that socialism kills individual motivation and will eventually topple a society.

It amazes me how often I see a bill that I believe would violate the Constitution. It seems like most politicians are more concerned about being elected than they are about the decisions they make while in office. I am very concerned about the proper role of government. I believe in a free society and personal responsibility. I believe in limited government, and I want to do something to help limit it.

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