[banner] Gerald Klaas for California State Senate '98

I received 4,227 votes! That's almost 3 percent of the popular vote. In a six way race, and a district of less than one percent Libertarians, that is a feat! I'm very excited about this. This means that I will be facing off with Deborah Ortiz (D) and Chris Quackenbush (R) in November. The most exciting thing about the primary results is the split of popular vote between the democratic and republican candidates. The two democrats together received 51.5% of the popular vote. The three republicans together received 45.8% of the popular vote. This is close enough that it can go either way in November. This will be a hot race. I suspect the major parties will be stepping in to support their respective candidates, viewing this as a swing seat for party majority in the senate chamber.

The most interesting part of this is that under the new blanket primary, the consultants and number crunchers can't just assume that votes for the losing candidates automatically go to the candidate of the same party in November. It is quite possible that some of the losing candidate votes came from across party lines trying to nominate a weaker candidate in the other party. It is also quite possible that the "protest votes" within a party could go to a third party candidate in November. A three way race is a lot harder to predict than a two-way race. Even if I don't win in November, I can take enough of the "swing vote" from the pool to make it tough to catch cross party voters.

My message to the Republican and Democratic Parties of California:
Over 3,000 of your party members voted for me in the primary. I don't expect that it is my view of any particular issue that lured them away. If anything, it is that they understand my respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you intend to stop future defections from your party ranks, you should start re-evaluating your positions relative to our nation's founding principles. I would be nothing but pleased if you were to accept the following advice, and earn back your party members, but until then, I promise to carry the torch for personal liberty.

In particular for the Democratic Party, the issues that democrats tell me attract them to my candidacy.

In particular for the Republican Party, the issues that republicans tell me attract them to my candidacy.

I challenge the two major parties to earn back their members by returning government to be within the limits of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Please feel free to contact me if you have comments or suggestions.

© 1997 Gerald Klaas