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State Senate Candidate Supports AJR78

Sacramento (August 26, 1998)

Gerald Klaas, the Libertarian candidate for State Senate District 6, today announced his support for Assembly Joint Resolution 78 (AJR78) in which the California state legislature would ask for the resignation of President Bill Clinton.

AJR78 was introduced by Assemblyman Bernie Richter of District 3 (Chico) on August 25, 1998, and enumerates several justifications for seeking the President's resignation.

Mr. Klaas said, "Although this resolution is largely symbolic, it will make the will of Californians well known to the two representatives, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, who may eventually be called on to cast impeachment votes in the US Senate."

"The American people overwhelmingly want to put this whole sordid affair behind us, but that won't happen until this President is out of office, be it through term limits, impeachment or resignation. I personally call on the President to save our country even one more day of L'affair Lewinsky, I ask him to resign today."

"Personally, I believe that the Starr report will demonstrate the 'pattern of felonies' that Newt Gingrich says will be necessary for impeachment, even though I disagree such a 'pattern' is necessary for impeachment. Particularly, I'd like to suggest that Mr. Gingrich read Federalist Paper No. 65 that unequivocally states that grounds for impeachment are not necessarily a legal measure, but rather 'a violation of some public trust'."

"I fully support the resolution adopted by the Libertarian Party at it's national convention in July 1998 calling for the immediate impeachment of the President, based not on his violations of Monica Lewinsky, but rather his violations of the Bill of Rights."

Mr. Klaas was born and raised in Sacramento. You will find more of his views online at

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