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Gerald Klaas for Senate District 6

If you would like to help with my campaign, the best thing you can do is print copies of my flyer, and give them to friends.

I have buttons, bumper stickers, and yard signs. If you send me a self-addressed envelope, and one dollar donation, I'll send back a bumper sticker. You may also request a campaign button. If you want a yard sign, you should contact me.

If you'd like to volunteer for my campaign, there will be occasions for sign painting and posting, precinct walking and passing out flyers. Or you may like to host a "Meet the Candidate" event in your home or back yard.

Shameless Plea for Donations:
If you can make a donation, please do. I'm especially fond of small donations (under $25), because then I don't have to track your name and address for the Secretary of State, and the Fair Political Practices Commission.

State law requires that I report the name, address, occupation and employer of anybody who contributes 100 dollars or more. This information becomes public record.
Since I don't want to report your name, address, occupation and employer into the public record for perusal at the Secretary of State's office (1500 11th St, Room 495, Sacramento), please do not send any contribution above $99. (Make checks payable to Klaas for Senate Committee . )

Klaas for Senate
4711 El Camino Ave Suite #222
Carmichael, CA 95608

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